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Staying Healthy, Staying Home

Eating a healthy, balanced diet is imperative, especially in a COVID-19 World. With the stressful lifestyle, overeating and bad food choices are a big concern. Takeaways and processed foods have become the easier option. While we are spending most of our time at home, we need to be more focused on cooking with fresh ingredients, improving our overall immunity, health and wellbeing.

For some of us, we now have the opportunity to experiment with those food ideas, ingredients and cooking utensils we’ve pushed to the side because we simply ‘never had the time’. For most of us, working from home may not mean there is more time to cook—especially if you are now responsible for your children’s virtual schooling and working from home.

Here are some tips on how you can stay healthy by staying home in the current climate:

Plan ahead. 

Try and make a list of meals and snacks for the week ahead. Utilise any produce / ingredients you already have at home to avoid wastage and unnecessary buying.

Note things like family favourites, time constraints, available utensils etc when preparing you meals. If you are time poor, focus on easy recipes with simple, easily available ingredients.

Make mealtime fun again!

With everyone being at home and no extracurricular activities, play dates etc, eating family meals together is a new undertaking for many of us. Turn off notifications, end your zoom calls, actually put all electronic devices on silent in another room and let us focus on each other and stay connected the old-fashioned way. Get the kids involved in helping plan, cook and clean up! It’s a great activity to keep them occupied and bring out their inner chef!

Emotional eating

It is important to only eat at mealtimes or when you are actually hungry. When you recognise you are eating for emotional reasons, it is important to develop strategies in order to combat those urges. Exercise, meditation etc are some techniques you should try to explore.

Quantity vs Quality

Yes, we want to provide beautiful home cooked meals for our families and loved ones but why not cook a little extra for the freezer or even for leftovers the following day (make sure you buy extra ingredients when you are planning!). Saves you some time and no one will complain 😊

Remember there is lots of support out there if you need assistance from health coaches, dieticians, personal trainers and psychologists. If you’re finding things difficult, don’t be embarrassed to ask a friend or neighbour.

Roquette Catering has developed a range of healthy menus and delicious kosher food options available for home deliveries – contact our team or visit our website www.roquettecatering.com.au for more information!

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Complementary event planning consultation

Get 45mins of expert event planinng guidance, resources and templates to save you time, avoid mistakes and plan the perfect event