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How to Select the Perfect Menu for your Event

Choosing a menu for your event can be a complicated and difficult process.

You know that you want distinctive flavors, trendy cuisines, and memorable presentations, but you’re not sure how to pull it all together.

To help make this process easier for you, we’ve put together the following guidelines on how to select the perfect menu for your event.

Step 1: It’s YOUR special day

First and foremost, your menu should make you happy. This is your event after all!
Start with a simple stream-of-consciousness list of what you know you want or don’t want for your menu, in terms of style, cuisine, presentation and service.
Remember, food can also be so much more than something to fill up on – it can be a way to share something personal and special to you with your guests. You can recreate a cherished childhood dish or celebrate the cuisine of a favourite country. If you’re getting married, you can recreate your first meal together or share both of your cultural backgrounds.
Finally, organise a menu tasting with your catering company to make sure you are happy with what will be served.

Step 2: It’s Both Trendy and Accessible

While the menu should make you happy first, let’s not forget everyone else!

It’s fine to want an extraordinary dining experience for your event, but you also want your guests to eat and enjoy themselves. Consider limiting particularly exotic dishes to canapes and appetizers, and include simple dishes like pizza and wedges if there will be many children at the event.

Of course, an easy way to ensure this, is to ask friends and family for their opinions during the menu-selection process.

Step 3: It Fits the Event Style and Location

Your menu needs to match your event and setting, both practically and stylistically.

For example, while an event in a hotel ballroom will be well-equipped for anything, an elaborate multi-course meal would be difficult (and expensive) to set up on a beach. A simple spread of freshly prepared ocean trout, delicious salads, cheese and luscious fruit might be best here.

On the other hand, hot comfort food, such as lamb roast with buttery pureed parsnips, would better complement a winter dinner in downtown Melbourne.

Discuss kitchen facilities with your caterer PRIOR TO selecting your menu to ensure they know what facilities will be available to them.

Step 4: Complementary Dishes

The menu needs to not only complement your event, but compliment itself too!

Avoid selecting dishes that conflict with each other, like a classic French peppered beef eye fillet served with Thai coconut rice, although both delicious, they don’t pair well. Instead, select dishes that complement and enhance each other. For example, the dark, roasted flavours of braised short ribs would be well enhanced by rosemary and garlic roasted potatoes and root vegetables.

Step 5: Sufficient Food

This is perhaps the most important rule of all: make sure no one leaves hungry!

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If you’re in the process of selecting a menu for an upcoming event, feel free to contact us to see how we can help!

You can be confident in our creative expertise, delicious seasonal menus and exceptional attention to detail.

Drawing on over 12 years of local and international experience, Joshua Luftig and the Roquette Catering team will expertly guide you through the menu selection process, creating a menu that suits you perfectly, balancing thoughtfully paired food selections together with your personal preferences. You can be assured you and your guests will truly enjoy our cuisine, be it a wedding, bar/bat mitzvah, social gathering or corporate event.

Download our Ultimate Event Planning Guide for general tips, or contact us directly at 03 9939 3323 or on our contact page for personalized advice.

Complimentary event planning consultation

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Complementary event planning consultation

Get 45mins of expert event planinng guidance, resources and templates to save you time, avoid mistakes and plan the perfect event