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Global Goodness

We live in a beautiful world, bursting with an abundance of colour and flavour. Get inspired by your heritage or somewhere special in the world and incorporate global goodness in to the menu at your next celebration.


The thought of Italy conjures a cultural collection of music, art, architecture and of course food. Imagine the deliciousness of a pass-around entrée featuring forest mushroom arancini balls, roasted tomato and fresh basil or pumpkin and sage bite sized bruschetta and zucchini flower risotto before a sit-down main of hearty ossobucco with hand-rolled pappardelle. Add a fresh avocado caprese salad and side of roast potatoes with garlic and you are set. Complete the meal with dairy-free panacotta or a tangy limoncello gelato and you and your guests will feel you have been transported on to a gondola in the heart of Venice.


The colourful and fragrant spices of Morocco would provide the ideal culinary backdrop to any event. Perfectly flaky and crisp lamb cigars and spiced mince pastille would make for a memorable entrée. Then think mouth-watering grain salads with roasted beetroot and fresh parsley, fresh crunchy fattoush, tagines overfilled with succulent meats and aromatic vegetables with a side of warm couscous to soak up the rich sauces. Complete the exotic feast with miniature baklava, cinnamon oranges with rosewater and of course, fresh mint tea.


A tried and tested favourite, Japanese cuisine usually features in some form or another at events. Always a crowd pleaser, why not turn the whole meal Japanese. Consider an abundant, ocean-fresh sushi and sashimi buffet for entrée, with a selection of raw, seared and cooked fish creations as well as vegetarian options. Continue the meal with bowls of spiced edamame beans, sticky steamed gyoza and larger portions of beef sukiyaki or teriyaki chicken with steamed rice. Complete the journey with a red bean pancake and green-tea ice-cream. You will have your guests saying Arigato.


Transform your event into a true fiesta with a fun, light-hearted Mexican theme where vibrant colours and fresh flavours are the go. Why not enhance the authentic flavour by including a taco station for guests to choose their own filling – think shredded beef, smoky chicken or even battered fish or sautéed mushrooms to keep things meat-free. Offer pass-around charred street-corn on a stick, crispy empanadas and mini tostadas or be seated for a colourful salad board with crunchy nachos, limey guacamole, fresh salsa, seasoned beans and your choice of flavoursome protein. Vamos.


The fresh, simple fare from Vietnam is quickly becoming Australian’s new fast-food favourite sending sushi to the backseat of the ricksaw. With a focus on fresh ingredients and herbs including lemongrass, ginger, mint, coriander, chilli and lime, and minimal use of oil, Vietnamese cuisine is considered one of the healthiest in the world.

In Vietnam, food is designed to be communal and shared, making it a beautiful choice for your next celebration. Offer crunchy spring rolls wrapped in lettuce leaves, rice paper rolls light in texture but heavy on flavour and individual doughy steamed buns with chicken, beef or tofu topped with crispy shallots and a tangy sauce. For mains, think vermicelli noodles, shredded chicken and crispy cabbage salad with loads of fresh chilli, mint and coriander and traditional pho (pronounced “fahr”), a flavoursome noodle broth with your choice of protein and plenty of fresh vegetables. Banana and coconut tapioca pudding will expertly complete your meal.

Modern Australian

We needn’t go far to tempt our tastebuds than the fresh and colourful fare on offer in our own backyard. Simplicity and seasonality are key when incorporating modern Australian cuisine to your next menu.

Australia is a melting pot of cultures and our food expertly combines a myriad of global flavours to create its own unique gastronomy. Consider an entrée that showcases our fresh fish with a sesame crusted Tasmanian salmon alongside a tangy finger lime and cucumber salad or a lime-cured white snapper ceviche with avocado, tomato, jalapeno and coriander. Main course could be a simple fillet steak atop potato and celeriac mash with a fresh crisp side salad. Dessert might combine the freshness of seasonal berries with some incarnation of dark chocolate. We don’t call this the lucky country for nothing.

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Complementary event planning consultation

Get 45mins of expert event planinng guidance, resources and templates to save you time, avoid mistakes and plan the perfect event