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    Food should be a multisensory experience: a tantalising aroma wafting up to the nose, a play of textures exploding in the mouth, a surprising combination of flavours lingering on the palate. However, in today’s social media-driven, highly visual wo...

  • Cooking in Season

    Spring is in the air. The warmth of the sunshine. The smell of blossoms and sweet jasmine. The stunning array of the new season’s fresh produce…Who knew that seasonal produce could have such an impact on all of our senses. With the current climat...

  • Staying Healthy, Staying Home

    Eating a healthy, balanced diet is imperative, especially in a COVID-19 World. With the stressful lifestyle, overeating and bad food choices are a big concern. Takeaways and processed foods have become the easier option. While we are spending most of...

  • Celebrations in the Times of COVID-19

    It has been very disheartening for couples who have planned the perfect wedding, the bar mitzvah boy who has learned his parsha and the parents who had the kiddush and party organised to a tee, excited for their son to enter adulthood. Just because w...

  • The Secret to Healthy AND Delicious Eating

    We all like to keep healthy and fill our bodies with wholesome foods – and dining at an event should be no exception. Rather than breaking the healthy food rules when you organise your next function, let it be an opportunity to nourish your guests ...

  • Personalised Food Catering

    Putting the “You” in the Menu

    When celebrating someone special, we often incorporate their unique personality into all aspects of the event, from the choice of location and the style of the invitations to the general colour scheme, table decorations and of course the speeches. Bu...

  • Foods to improve your mood

    Boost Your Mood With These Food Types

    Ancient Greek physician Hippocrates, long considered the father of medicine, famously said, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine thy food”. Eating is not just for flavour and sustenance; your choice of groceries can greatly affect your energy l...

  • A plate of tacos

    Global Goodness

    We live in a beautiful world, bursting with an abundance of colour and flavour. Get inspired by your heritage or somewhere special in the world and incorporate global goodness in to the menu at your next celebration. Italian The thought of Italy conj...

  • Catering Ethical Foods

    3 Simple Ways to Eat More Ethically

    We eat for pleasure. We eat for our nutritional needs. We eat for comfort. What about eating to be more ethical? Here are three ways to consider eating ethically and some ideas to create a more ethical menu for your upcoming event. 1. Climatarian con...

  • Allergy Free Foods for Catering Events

    6 Allergies to Cater For at Your Next Event

    Allergies are becoming increasingly prevalent in Australia, now occurring in one in every 50 adults, and one in 20 children. With so many affected by different allergens and intolerances, how can you plan a menu that expertly maximises flavour and ex...

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Get 45mins of expert event planning guidance, resources and templates to save you time, avoid mistakes and plan the perfect event

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Complementary event planning consultation

Get 45mins of expert event planinng guidance, resources and templates to save you time, avoid mistakes and plan the perfect event