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Foods to improve your mood

Boost Your Mood With These Food Types

Ancient Greek physician Hippocrates, long considered the father of medicine, famously said, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine thy food”. Eating is not just for flavour and sustenance; your choice of groceries can greatly affect your energy levels, mood and overall health. Consider incorporating the following foods into your next function (or home cooked meal) to enhance your health and wellbeing.


When energy levels are waning, low iron levels may be to blame. Including small portions of red meat in your diet three times a week is an ideal way to ensure your iron levels, and in turn your energy, are optimal. Add a side of leafy green vegetables to your next steak dinner. Mum wasn’t wrong when she told you to eat your greens as, in addition to all the other nutrients they boast, these powerhouses are packed with magnesium, essential for the biochemical reaction in the brain to increase energy level. Less obvious as an energy booster is the Japanese staple food seaweed, which is bursting with iodine, a vitamin critical for a healthy thyroid.


The humble little black bean is bursting full of magnesium, helping to boost our bodies’ happiness hormone, serotonin. These tasty morsels are also anti-oxidant rich, full of iron, fibre, copper, zinc and potassium. Betaine, a vitamin found in beetroots, is also well known to support serotonin production. The purple veggies are also high in folic acid which assists in stabilising emotional health. Why not add some coconut oil to the dressing on your next beetroot salad. The medium chain triglyceride fats found in coconuts are great for fuelling better moods.

While many enjoy a glass of red wine to unwind, the occasional glass can actually improve your mood. According to Spanish research, the pigment in grapes called resveratrol improves mood and reduces the risk of depression. Just when you thought the news couldn’t get any better, a few daily ounces of dark chocolate is another mood improving powerhouse, increasing blood flow to the brain to make you more energised and happy.

Calm and Destress

In addition to being a popular choice, a lunch with smashed avocado could help you feel less stressed. High in B group vitamins, the Australian café favourite will do wonders for the health of your nerves and brain cells (as well as your social stature). Vitamins in the B group complex are proven to alleviate the symptoms of stress. Another great source is almonds, which also boast a high vitamin E content.

Next time you’re feeling stressed, a glass of milk could help calm you down. As well as being high in these magical B2 and B12 vitamins, milk protein lactium calms the body by helping to reduce blood pressure. Adding this glass of milk to some oats for a warm bowl of porridge will do you wonders, with oats rich in serotonin, a neuro-transmitter that soothes the brain. Finally, the amino acid tryptophan, found in large quantities in the humble pumpkin seed, can have a drastic calming effect on your body. Asparagus is also high in tryptophan.

Immune Boost

It’s no secret that Vitamin C is the perfect immune booster, increasing the body’s production of white blood cells and thereby reducing infection. Orange juice has long been used as a cold remedy in this regard. Red capsicum, the highest nutrient source of any pepper, and second only to leafy greens as the most nutrient dense vegetable, has a very high concentration of vitamin C to boost immunity and reduce cold symptoms. Ginger and turmeric both reduce inflammation, and allicin – the active ingredient in garlic – which was used as a medicine in the earliest evidence of civilisation, is documented to fight off infection.


Detoxing is all the rage and nature is bursting with foods to aid your body in this process. Fruit, particularly citrus, assists the body to flush out toxins and the chlorophyll found in green foods, specifically vegetables, detoxifies the digestive tract. Garlic is a powerful tool to stimulate the liver to detoxify and the antioxidants and catechins present in green tea increase liver function, also aiding detoxification.

If you’d like to add some delicious, mood-boosting foods into your next event, get in touch with our experienced team at Roquette Catering.  Give us a call at 03 9939 3323, or head to our contact page to send us a message.

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Complementary event planning consultation

Get 45mins of expert event planinng guidance, resources and templates to save you time, avoid mistakes and plan the perfect event