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Cooking in Season

Spring is in the air. The warmth of the sunshine. The smell of blossoms and sweet jasmine. The stunning array of the new season’s fresh produce…Who knew that seasonal produce could have such an impact on all of our senses.

With the current climate, cooking inspiration has become a big part of our agenda, with seasonality being a key focus. Incorporating seasonal ingredients into our  shopping habits and cooking has numerous benefits:

Economic Benefit

Seasonal produce is much better value for money! Produce in season is more abundant making it much cheaper for us as the consumer. Ingredients in season are also more likely to have travelled shorter distances (lower freight costs). By cooking with seasonal produce, you are also making a difference by supporting local suppliers and farmers, which is imperative, especially during the current pandemic.


Seasonal produce is generally harvested at its peak and as such is tastier, fresher and of superior quality. Often, produce that is not local is picked before it ripens. The ripening process happens in a crate or cardboard box in storage, utilising chemicals to delay the ripening process. Although seasonal produce may have its natural state imperfections, the bursting flavour is never compromised! Just think of those freshly harvested juicy strawberries, crunchy blanched broccoli and juicy cucumbers.


Most of us find it a challenge to incorporate a range of food groups into our diet. Furthermore, we often get bored of the same old produce and land up cooking food without experimenting with new taste sensations! The world was created with beautiful sunshine, which is required for produce to grow and develop. When produce is harvested before ripening, it can lead to nutrient deficiency in the plants. By eating and cooking seasonally, you are almost guaranteed a varied diet.

Environmental Impact

The foodie culture has become a global trend and whilst it is great to have the option of purchasing exotic foods all year round, the demand has a high environmental cost.  As the consumer, we are rarely aware of the measures taken to get produce from the farmer to the seller.   Artificial agricultural methods and additional transport and freight required for all year round produce enhance our carbon footprint.

You can now make your shopping lists and create your seasonal menus!

Environment Victoria has a useful list of seasonal produce in Victoria. Click here for more information.

If you prefer to order in, Roquette Catering’s home delivery menus are filled with seasonal produce and are simply bursting with flavour. Using locally sourced and sustainable ingredients wherever possible, offering you a guilt free well deserved night off from cooking. For more information visit www.roquettecatering.com.au

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Complementary event planning consultation

Get 45mins of expert event planinng guidance, resources and templates to save you time, avoid mistakes and plan the perfect event