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A table of fresh vegetables

A Culinary Fair With Vegetarian Fare

Would you like the chicken or the beef this evening? As Australians develop an increasing appetite for more plant-based food, this time-old simcha dinner selection is becoming increasingly monotonous and disappointing.

The number of Australians consuming a mostly vegetarian diet has increased by almost a quarter over the past four years. This change in tastes is largely fuelled by a growing concern for the environmental cost of meat production and its associated green-house gas emissions, as well as mounting evidence that less meat and more vegetables is better for your health.

Add to the mix the celebrity factor led by internationally recognised names including Chef Jaime Oliver, and former Beetle Sir Paul McCartney and his vegan fashion designer daughter Stella – who have spearheaded the Meatless Monday trend – and you have a recipe for change.

Internationally acclaimed Chefs bestowed with Michelin Stars from New York to London are increasingly serving up vegetarian fare, acknowledging both the growing trend and the culinary delights of meat-free meals. If this is not evidence enough of how well rooted vegetarian cuisine is becoming in our lives, Australian fast food chains including Domino’s pizza, Nando’s and Subway are all now serving vegetarian and even vegan menu options.

As diners develop an increasing appetite for vegetarian versions, so can you offer your family and friends delicious plant-based options at your next simcha.

While meat doesn’t have to disappear off the menu altogether, it can be refreshing for the age-old steak or chicken fillet to take a backseat while the vegetables get their moment in the sun.

Here are some menu ideas:

  • Keep entrée vegetarian. Guests will love a modern twist on classic Italian favourites. Think semolina gnocchi with fresh cherry tomato, ricotta and hand-torn basil, mini wholemeal pumpkin or zucchini pizzette and hand-made pappardelle with chilli and olives.
  • Sit down to a salad soiree. Let the humble side salad become the hero of the meal by selecting colourful, abundant and fresh ingredients. Be inspired by salad king Yotam Ottolenghi and combine unexpected flavours such as cauliflower, poppy seed, chilli and lime, or more simple combinations of roasted fennel with black barley. More traditional flavours including Middle-Eastern fatoush with green felafel or spiced chickpeas with fresh vegetables will also get tongues wagging.
  • Turn your party into a fiesta with vibrant Mexican flavours. Theme the main course with a colourful Mexican chop salad, cabbage with fresh mint, grilled street corn and a selection of delicious soft tacos. Black beans, sweet-potato felafel, marinated mushrooms or Asian-spiced eggplant can be the vegetarian proteins alongside more traditional seared beef, grilled chicken and pulled lamb options.
  • Introduce grains. Freekah, quinoa, bulgur wheat or even puffed buckwheat, there are a myriad of healthy and hearty grains to serve in their own right or as sides to chicken, beef and lamb dishes.
  • Add cheese to your salads if the brief is exclusively vegetarian. Crumbled fetta adds an extra dimension to a crunchy, fresh Greek salad. Grilled halloumi cheese gives a great texture and added saltiness to an otherwise fresh salad and goats cheese works perfectly with beetroot, spinach and lentils. And with no meat in sight, how delicious will a milchig dessert be?


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Complementary event planning consultation

Get 45mins of expert event planinng guidance, resources and templates to save you time, avoid mistakes and plan the perfect event