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Catering Ethical Foods

3 Simple Ways to Eat More Ethically

We eat for pleasure. We eat for our nutritional needs. We eat for comfort. What about eating to be more ethical?

Here are three ways to consider eating ethically and some ideas to create a more ethical menu for your upcoming event.

1. Climatarian conscious cuisine

We’ve all heard of reducing our carbon footprint by minimising our impact on the environment. Walking to school and work rather than driving, reducing our electricity consumption, recycling and being conscious of minimising our household waste. But what about eating to reduce greenhouse gas emissions?

It’s often claimed that beef and lamb products are the most damaging to the climate, creating the largest carbon footprint of all meat products. But is it really that simple?
What about all those fruit, vegetable and staples crossing the globe – can we really label them as more sustainable than eating meat? The environmental impact of air miles can be enormous. Similarly, non-meat food production can destroy or displace natural resources to supply growing demand. Changing land use to expand avocado production in Mexico, for example, is displacing the rainforest.

So, if it’s not as simple as eliminating meat from our diet, what should we do to reduce our carbon footprint? Here are two simple things you can do today: source more food locally, and source more seasonal foods. That way you’ll cut down on air freight, reduce emissions – and have a much fresher, tastier meals too!

2. Ethically-sourced edibles

We’ve talked about foods that can negatively impact the environment, but what are the most ethical and sustainable foods?

Wheat, barley, oats, rice and buckwheat all use a minimal amount of water in production and also happen to be loaded with nutrients. There are also many vegetables, including garden peas and beans, that give back more to the environment than they take by putting nitrogen and other minerals back in to the soil.

Eating more ethically is not just restricted to our food choices. Consider reducing your use of packaging, in particular plastic bags and wrapping, bring your own bag, reusing containers and opting for glass rather than disposable plastics and polystyrene. Not only are these choices better for the environment by reducing your carbon footprint, they are also better for animals and wild-life.

Likewise, consider substituting your cage eggs for free-range or even organic and buying locally farmed fish. When local products are not available, fair trade is a good option, ensuring you are doing your part to support fairer working conditions for farmers and workers around the world.

Remember, adopting a more sustainable eating regime doesn’t need to be all or nothing. Small changes can make a big difference too. For instance, rather than over-catering and over-consuming at your next event, consider smaller portions with less waste to make a positive change. Use locally sourced produce to minimise your environmental impact and identify the items on your menu that can be fair-trade when local is not available. Even offering tap water rather than bottled mineral water is a great way to start.

3. Organic ownership

Organic foods are grown and processed without the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. Organic farming methods also promote biodiversity and are more aware of recycling resources, thereby reducing waste. Not only is organic food better for the environment, it is healthier for our bodies too. Reducing our exposure to harmful chemicals and artificial hormones and consuming cleaner food means less toxins in our bodies.

Consider local produce with organic labelling, or better still purchase directly from the grower at farmer’s markets to find out exactly where your food has come from and how it has been grown. Always check the label of packaged foods to be aware of organic certification. As for your next function? How does ethically farmed salmon with locally-sourced fresh vegetables, organic micro-greens and cubed avocado, sound?

If you want fresh, delicious and ethical cuisine at your next function or event, remember to get in touch with our experienced team at Roquette Catering.

Have a safe, healthy and happy summer!

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